On the Fourth Day of Christmas: a too-new vintage tablecloth

Last night I pulled out a new-to-me Christmas tablecloth and draped it across the dining room table.

vintage Christmas tablecloth

I’m tempted to use some goofy eBay description like “perfect except for” or “nearly mint”, but it’s neither perfect or mint. The fabric isn’t crisp so it’s been washed at least once in the past, but boy, the gold areas have so much texture they’re almost crunchy.

Yep, there’s more!

Placesettings: December dinner for six

This Old Row House is getting festive for December.  I’ve set the table for six with a freshly thrifted linen tablecloth in an eye-popping paisley of magenta, red, olive and deep evergreen.


I have no idea how old this tablecloth is, but the colors and pattern remind me of the 60s or 70s. Read the rest of this entry »