What I saw at Sage Farm: 3 things I had to stop myself from buying

Oh, did I want them.

But responsible dealers are not supposed to spend all their profits as soon as they make them. At least that’s what BluesRay tells me. (How does he know, anyway?)

So I held onto my wallet and pulled out my camera instead.


1. This amazing white steel cabinet with a Formica countertop and sliding glass doors on top. Total midcentury [heart]. I love how this dealer added just a few red accents, so you see the cabinet and not just the smalls. Alas, no room in my kitchen for it.

Also, those red tulip tumblers? More midcentury [heart].

Oh yes, there’s more!

Dollhouse Olympics

Can we bake and watch the Olympics simultaneously?

Oh, sure. I’ll just switch on the kitchen telly.


Oooh, look! It’s the women’s freestyle waterskiing finals!


Looks like the Weeki Wachee mermaid is blowing away the competition. Yep, there’s more!

When you need to see green . . .

What’s midcentury-mod and four shades of lime green, from Persian to Key?

Pyrex Verde

If you answered “a full set of Pyrex Verde Cinderella mixing bowls,” you’re right!

Yep, there’s more!

We Two Kings of Orient Are

It’s January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany. And you know what that means.

1. It’s officially the last day of Christmas. Waaah!

2. It’s time to think about taking down the tree. Waah!

3. We’ve eaten all those homemade white chocolate-dipped pretzels and now my jeans are too tight. Waah! I have to do something about that. Other than buying bigger jeans. I promise to start right after I bake Epiphany cake. Results (about the cake, I mean) to be posted later.

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the day with these three wise men.


Would you believe . . . two wise men? Yep, there’s more!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


It’s been snowing since this morning.

So far we have fifteen inches.

It’ll snow all night.

Twice already we’ve shovelled the driveway, the front steps, and the back deck. We’ll do it again before bed. We’ll do it again in the morning.

I can hear the snowplows scraping down the street every half hour. I love being inside my snug house and hearing that sound. They’ll be plowing straight through tomorrow afternoon. Twenty-eight hours of shoving snow around! God bless the plow guys.  Yep, there’s more!