Revealing my spaciness on the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11

Lest you think of me as all afghans and tablecloths, dishes and kitchen doodads, here’s a glimpse into my inner geek. I grew up as a child of the Space Age when CBS ruled the airwaves with NASA mission coverage.  Astronauts were national heroes. People thought a New Age (Aquarius!) was dawning when space travel would be routine and we’d all wear silver jumpsuits and own flying cars. (Most recently I followed Canadian Chris Hadfield when he was Commander of the ISS. Check him out on YouTube.)

So when we downsized my parents’ house not too long ago, I claimed all the space-related paper stuff. One piece was this 1969 National Geographic map of the Moon. (click to make all these photos bigger)

1969 National Geographic Map of The Earth's Moon

The folks at National Geographic were in on the Moon Race excitement, too.

But wait! There’s more!