I watched American Pickers and this happened…

Last month a found a small side table at a yard sale that was begging for a makeover. (The table, not the yard sale!)


How’s this for a style contrast? Glittering cut glass on a crude, pine scrap table. Why didn’t I buy the bowl?!

It brought back great memories of camping in Maine, so I planned to paint it a bright, vacation-y sort of color. In the meantime, I watched nearly an entire season of American Pickers on Amazon Prime.

And this happened…

See what I did!

How I stopped swearing at my towels

I’ve never wanted to live in a huge house.

Tried that, once. My parents moved up from a tiny suburban ranch, their first home, to a massive 1920s three-story in-town stone house.

Even with five kids, it was a huge house. It had a music room, inexplicable wall-to-wall carpet in the kitchen, and two maids’ rooms on the third floor that became Janeray’s and my bedrooms. (We didn’t become the maids though.)

And when my mom realized that huge stone house had 40-plus windows, all of which she washed twice a year, I think the glamour must’ve worn off pretty fast.

I do, however, want a house that’s livable. For me that means rooms that are inviting, even if they’re small. Details like light fixtures and hardware that are high-quality. Utility spaces that are actually useful and don’t make me swear with frustration.

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Not quite in love

I’ve wanted to paint my hope chest for a long time. No, not change the color. Just add a bit of interest. My original thought was to use flower designs from the rug. Ultimately, though, that seemed too modern for this antique pine chest.


I got a better idea when we found a drawer full of paper patterns in my father’s workshop.  Read the rest of this entry »

Month of Makeovers Day 25: I get by with a little help

Have you been sitting on the edge of your seat just dying to know what happened with the massive Empire dresser I abandoned in melodramatic despair on Day 15?

2013-10-15 20.06.25

It’s finally gotten a makeover with a little help from ManRay–aka Mr. Janeray.
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Month of Makeovers Day 19: Furniture FAIL redemption, maybe

These chairs for extra seating were left unfinished on Day 15 of our Month of Makeovers. Today was the day to get cracking and complete them.

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