Month of Makeovers Day 15: Painted furniture FAIL

This should be a simple DYI post. I have furniture. I have paint. Put them together and it all looks great! (You, too, can try this safely in your own home!)



This is the painting day where some things turn out right and some things get left for another day.

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Month of Makeovers Day 12: The rust of the story

Usually rust is not my thing. There are vintage dealers who have entire booths of rusty stuff that I’ll look at, admiring the strong shapes and the complete honesty of the metal, but I’m rarely tempted to bring any of it home. It’s just not my style. There’s something for everyone out there in flea market land, and other lucky people get to love and live with the rusty stuff without any competition from me!

But when I spied this rusty antique wire toothpaste & toothbrush holder, my makeover instincts immediately overrode my “Rust? meh” instincts.


It’s got some curves, huh?

Mr Luray—we’ll call him Blues-Ray—immediately said, “There is no way you are putting that rusty . . . thing in my new bathroom!” Hello, Blues-Ray, it’s my new bathroom too. Fear not, though, I have better plans for this than just a toothbrush holder.

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Month of Makeovers Day 6: Vera meets shady hardware

Last week I hit the mother lode of dead stock window treatments from the 1960s. The warehouse shelving at Jomar, a clearing house for the dregs of unwanted merchandise, was crammed with hundreds of groovy plastic window shades from JCPenny of the past. A pile of shades came home with me. Red! Pink! Orange! Lemon! Still in original wrappers and only one dollar each!


There were giant plastic bins filled with matching wooden shade pulls.

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Month of Makeovers Day 4: And there was light! Um, sorta.

Hard to believe, but we’ve been renovating LurayVille for nearly a year now. The foundation for the addition was poured early last November. We’ve had the plans for eight years, drawn up after many many back & forths with an architect friend, so it’s been a long time coming. ¬†And a long time getting built!


That’s our builder there. We’ll call him Mr. Darcy, because he’s British and good-looking and single. I don’t know about the “income of 10,000 pounds a year” part.

As Mr. Darcy set up the framing for the addition, the first impact it had on our old living space was in the stairhall to the second floor. Read the rest of this entry »