Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


It’s been snowing since this morning.

So far we have fifteen inches.

It’ll snow all night.

Twice already we’ve shovelled the driveway, the front steps, and the back deck. We’ll do it again before bed. We’ll do it again in the morning.

I can hear the snowplows scraping down the street every half hour. I love being inside my snug house and hearing that sound. They’ll be plowing straight through tomorrow afternoon. Twenty-eight hours of shoving snow around! God bless the plow guys.  Yep, there’s more!

Placesettings: After the feast


Thanksgiving: the Day After edition!

After the turkey, after the mashed, after the marvelous pies, after the dishes (LOTS of dishes!), after the sitting around watching Bringing Up Baby¬†with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant (the kids’ choice—clearly we’ve done at least one parenting thing right), it finally dawned on me that I’d never snapped a photo of the table. Rats!

So here’s the day after.

The dishes are vintage Pyrex in a pattern I have never seen anywhere else. It’s officially called “Scallop Burgundy.” I call it “My Favorite Cranberry Scallop-Border Pyrex Holiday Dishes.” I have a complete set for 8 plus a couple serving pieces.

They turned up years ago in a vintage shop, and the dealer was asking what at the time I considered an exorbitant price. I visited them weekly for a couple months, fingering the teacups and putting them back down. Then one day I went in the shop and the dealer had marked them down 50%.

Mine! Mine! All mine!

And there’s my lone butterscotch Bakelite knife, since all the rest of the pieces are still packed away somewhere in this almost-finished house renovation.

The tablecloth is cranberry-colored leaves on sky blue, an unusual color combo. The texture is unusual too: tiny honeycombs instead of plain weave.

And there’s all that’s left of the cranberry & dried cherry relish! If you like the taste of sweet and tart together, you will love this. The super-easy recipe is here. Yum!

Fun Friday Finds

Wow. Someone actually has more mixing bowls than we do. And she shares her secrets for displaying them.

There’s absolutely no better resource on the web than Retro Renovation for all your mid-century modern house needs. We didn’t even know you could get a fabulous laundry sink like this, much less in 29 colors! What are YOU missing out on?

Even more Pyrex! The Pyrex Collective, now THREE blogs, will link you up with dozens of Pyrex fans.

What Luray is doing this week

This week I’m painting a fabulous spindle-leg table in a fabulous deep orange.


This week I discovered a complete set of primary-colored Pyrex mixing bowls I didn’t know I had! Junk shopping on my own stash! Whee!


This week I scored a stack of nice clean antique roof slates. Cheese boards? Mini chalk boards?

This week I found a cool table with a wire rack underneath for your collection of Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee records.

This week I’m ironing my favorite apron, the one with cabbage roses and organdy, to wear for the weekend!


This week I’m packing up a couple mink hats for Dolly the mannequin to model.

This week I’m praying for fantastic weather!