If I had a backyard bigger than a patch of grass with a swingset, I’d put these in it.

Three big pieces from Sage Farm’s Hint of Spring show that would be perfect in a roomy garden. (If only I had one!) All three were repurposed from vintage bits of this & that by somebody with imagination and a lot of talent.


A potting bench with an antique single tap and an unusual square porcelain enamel cast iron sink basin. Hook it up to your outdoor plumbing and you have a marvelous place to pot up and to wash hands when you’re done! Two drawers for tools and seed packets plus a vintage ironstone soap dish add functionality. And those white turned columns for the upper shelf add a little glam, don’t they?

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Signs of spring at Sage Farm


Sage Farm’s April show was titled, “A Hint of Spring,” but that was completely misleading.

There were no hints. It was SPRING ALL OVER, baby! Everywhere you looked.


Lots of green, like this fun shelf. Its leafy color really pops against the perennially popular white ironstone pieces.

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Setting up at Sage

Here’s how our booth looked at about 11 this morning when we arrived.


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What I saw at Sage Farm: favorite finds!


I’m still unpacking stuff from Sage Farm two weekends ago. Mostly because I’ve spent a lot of time shoveling snow!

Here are some things I loved that other dealers had. Like this sweet beaded velvet heart pincushion, a 1947 souvenir of Niagara Falls. A postwar honeymoon memento, maybe?

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Ready for Cabin Fever at Sage Farm!

I’m done setting up my booth for Sage Farm’s Cabin Fever market!

The good news: I’m on the first floor at last, right across from the dealer who always has piles of amazing vintage textiles, so a) maybe some lucky vintage karma will rub off on my booth, and b) VINTAGE TEXTILES! Woohoo! Forget about selling stuff! Let’s go shopping!

Yeah. I was distracted.

The bad news: my booth is right in front of a giant south-east-facing window, so there’s next to no wall space and every photo comes out glarey and dark. I didn’t know I was going to get this space till I got there, so my panicky solution was to pin up some linen curtain panels in front of the windows to cut some of the glare. Next time I’ll take another dealer’s tip and nail up some lattice!


(See what I mean about the glare? And I stupidly left my stepstool right in front of the antique green chair for the photo!) Isn’t that fan-front dresser sweet?

Yep, there’s more!