Handmade holiday: luscious lavender strawberries


Now’s the time to make little vintage things for gifts! These yummy little strawberries, meant for tucking in your drawers to scent everything with the heavenly aroma of lavender, are super quick and fun to make.

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Month of Makeovers Day 29: iPad goes primitive

First off, our apologies for missing a day of Makeovers. Luray and I have been helping our mom unpack her belongings in her new cottage. Although we planned ahead to have things ready on the days we knew we’d be busy, Luray is missing the hardware she needs to finish her current project. To further complicate things, my Internet connection was wonky all evening. Thanks, Verizon! 😛

My inspiration for this simple makeover was a 1-3/4″ vintage turquoise button and scrap pieces of a felted wool blanket I found in my mom’s attic. I thought they’d be fun joined together as a primitive cover for my iPad mini. Read the rest of this entry »

Month of Makeovers Day 18: On Halloween Pins & Needles!

thumbnailI started my afterschool sewing classes this week. That means I get to play around with wool, cotton, thread, pins, needles, scissors, and ideas with a bunch of elementary school kids who don’t bring any of my neurotically grown-up “Make It Perfect Or It’s No Good!” vibe to the party.

I’ve learned a lot about creativity from these little people! Read the rest of this entry »

Month of Makeovers Day 7: Curvy, chrome-y, Cosco love!

Meet the cute vintage bath stool I picked up at September’s Vintage Bazaar.  It’s chrome! It’s curvy!


It’s Cosco! Yay!


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Month of Makeovers Day 5: When life gives you placemats

What do you do with three undersized vintage placemats? Two’s company, three’s just odd.


One even has a factory flaw.


I can’t bring myself to cut up vintage linens that aren’t full of holes or stained beyond repair. Part of me just dies to see good tablecloths chopped to bits. But this oddball placemat will make a great little zipper top bag. Time to shop my fabric stash! Read the rest of this entry »