Blanket season starts with a Hudson’s Bay bang!

If you were at the thrift store power-shopping through the linens rack that’s usually jammed with ugly modern comforters and floral curtains in weird colors, flipping the hangers fast because you’ve never seen anything worth getting on that rack, but you just never know. . . and then you spied this:


Would you make a noise that sounded like a startled elephant? And simultaneously lunge for the hanger this thing was on, just in case the person standing 20 feet away completely mesmerized by the moving electric Santa dolls decided to grab it instead?

Well, wouldja? Click to find out what *I* did!

Ready for Cabin Fever at Sage Farm!

I’m done setting up my booth for Sage Farm’s Cabin Fever market!

The good news: I’m on the first floor at last, right across from the dealer who always has piles of amazing vintage textiles, so a) maybe some lucky vintage karma will rub off on my booth, and b) VINTAGE TEXTILES! Woohoo! Forget about selling stuff! Let’s go shopping!

Yeah. I was distracted.

The bad news: my booth is right in front of a giant south-east-facing window, so there’s next to no wall space and every photo comes out glarey and dark. I didn’t know I was going to get this space till I got there, so my panicky solution was to pin up some linen curtain panels in front of the windows to cut some of the glare. Next time I’ll take another dealer’s tip and nail up some lattice!


(See what I mean about the glare? And I stupidly left my stepstool right in front of the antique green chair for the photo!) Isn’t that fan-front dresser sweet?

Yep, there’s more!

Fun Friday Finds

Three more fun finds for Friday!

modish 20th century: Vintage dishware galore, shown off by their lucky owners


Vintage Junk In My Trunk. Luray says: I never find estate sales like this. Never. Clearly I’m in the wrong corner of the universe. On the other hand, I’m not so sure I want to own nine 55-gallon totes of vintage Christmas ornaments.


Modern Millie: An internet landing place for a favorite vintage clothing shop in Newburyport, MA


Riot of color at the Vintage Bazaar

One of the things I enjoy most about being a vendor at the Vintage Bazaar is spending two entire days on the grounds. There is always something unique for sale and a party of color everywhere.


Not my style, but the orange is hot.

If I had I porch these green chairs would have gone home with me. I DID buy the hooked rug behind them.

Scarves make a mannequin’s skirt.

The Linen Lady is a booth of total temptation. I didn’t succumb. For once.

Plaid, iridescent pumps!

A table ? with motorcycle bags for storage.

More than one vendor had a cute little trailer.

I’m always glad to work with our wonderful neighbor, Faye. At our very first Bazaar she brought a huge container of cold watermelon to share on a hot, sticky day. You’re awesome, Faye!


Fun Friday Finds

Wow. Someone actually has more mixing bowls than we do. And she shares her secrets for displaying them.

There’s absolutely no better resource on the web than Retro Renovation for all your mid-century modern house needs. We didn’t even know you could get a fabulous laundry sink like this, much less in 29 colors! What are YOU missing out on?

Even more Pyrex! The Pyrex Collective, now THREE blogs, will link you up with dozens of Pyrex fans.