Blanket season starts with a Hudson’s Bay bang!

If you were at the thrift store power-shopping through the linens rack that’s usually jammed with ugly modern comforters and floral curtains in weird colors, flipping the hangers fast because you’ve never seen anything worth getting on that rack, but you just never know. . . and then you spied this:


Would you make a noise that sounded like a startled elephant? And simultaneously lunge for the hanger this thing was on, just in case the person standing 20 feet away completely mesmerized by the moving electric Santa dolls decided to grab it instead?

Well, wouldja? Click to find out what *I* did!

Four quilts at the November Sage Farm show

They’re all beauts!

First up, check out this tied quilt displayed on the wall. This must be Grandmother’s Flower Garden at dusk. That splash of red down the middle is startling!


I like how the dealer picked up the red with the plaid blanket tucked under the table.

See the other three quilts!

Peaches & blues & flamingo Pyrex too


This week could be summer’s last blast for native peaches here.

Isn’t that sad?

Yesterday I got a huge bag of ripe peaches from the farmstand down the road. We couldn’t eat them all right away, so I picked out the softest ones to make a peach-blueberry cobbler with vanilla-cream biscuits. Peach cobbler is just fine by itself, but adding blueberries kicks it up into something sublime.

Click here for sublimeness!

Tiny vintage table toppers, part 3


Apples and cherries and strawberries, oh my! Isn’t this a cutie? And it’s RED!

Janeray’s already done a couple of posts on the ultra small-sized tablecloths she’s found. They’re so small that, unless you’ve got a doll-sized table, they’re more like table toppers.

Not that we’re complaining!

Here’s one I just dug out of a thrift-shop pile of otherwise boring linens. Measuring a tidy little 43″ by 45″,  it’s made of a tightly woven cotton percale with a wonderful all-over plaid & fruity pattern.

There’s more plaid and fruity when you click here!

Have you ever seen crocheted lace like this?

At the same antique shop in Canandaigua, New York, where I found those wonderful Niagara Falls souvenir salad servers, I picked up eight feet of this amazing hand-crocheted lace.


Price? A whopping $6. If there had been more of it I would have bought it all!

I loved the creamy color of the cotton thread and the intricacy of the pattern.

And I loved the ingeniousness of the pattern. Look closely:

Click here for more!