Riot of color at the Vintage Bazaar

One of the things I enjoy most about being a vendor at the Vintage Bazaar is spending two entire days on the grounds. There is always something unique for sale and a party of color everywhere.


Not my style, but the orange is hot.

If I had I porch these green chairs would have gone home with me. I DID buy the hooked rug behind them.

Scarves make a mannequin’s skirt.

The Linen Lady is a booth of total temptation. I didn’t succumb. For once.

Plaid, iridescent pumps!

A table ? with motorcycle bags for storage.

More than one vendor had a cute little trailer.

I’m always glad to work with our wonderful neighbor, Faye. At our very first Bazaar she brought a huge container of cold watermelon to share on a hot, sticky day. You’re awesome, Faye!


We’re off to a great start Saturday

The canopy is up! The sun is shining on our first day. We’ve got loads of new colorful stuff.


Pettengill always has beautiful plantings. I want to steal all their ideas for my own gardens.


Luray’s got her vintage apron on.


Calling for shoppers!


We can’t resist doing a bit of shopping while husbands man the booth.


After a long, long day on our feet we’re winding down at the After Party. Cheers to a great day!

What Luray is doing this week

This week I’m painting a fabulous spindle-leg table in a fabulous deep orange.


This week I discovered a complete set of primary-colored Pyrex mixing bowls I didn’t know I had! Junk shopping on my own stash! Whee!


This week I scored a stack of nice clean antique roof slates. Cheese boards? Mini chalk boards?

This week I found a cool table with a wire rack underneath for your collection of Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee records.

This week I’m ironing my favorite apron, the one with cabbage roses and organdy, to wear for the weekend!


This week I’m packing up a couple mink hats for Dolly the mannequin to model.

This week I’m praying for fantastic weather!

We’re on the interwebs now!

Only a few more days until The Vintage Bazaar for September 2013! We had a great time in June, despite getting our Volvo stuck in the mud at the edge of the field on the way in to set up our booth. Good thing Pettengill Farm has a tractor!

At the Vintage Bazaar in June 2013

At the Vintage Bazaar in June 2013

So many things went home with new owners, including the bright yellow table and chair set, everything orange, the little turquoise and red shelf, a bicycle and two manual typewriters. We were delighted to see one of the typewriters go home with an enthusiastic 14-year-old.


We’re looking forward to meeting lots of new friends this weekend. Stop by and see what’s new to our vintage stash! It will definitely be colorful!