Placesettings: Star-gazing at lunch

Are these gorgeous or what?

Are these gorgeous or what?

I just planted a clump of Stargazer lilies near our front door. A year ago that space was our old driveway, so I had a blank slate for planting, so to speak. A blank plot, I guess.

I love Stargazers because they’re big. And showy. And so fragrant! Just right for near the door.

When I was done watering them in I remembered that I had this big and showy tablecloth to match.

Don't those look like Stargazers?

Don’t those look like Stargazers?

It has a creamy yellow center with a white border and bold lily motifs in the corners. No markings on this tablecloth, so I don’t know who made it.

Yep, there’s more!