Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #17


One last sterling silver bracelet charm for this year.

This one celebrates the reason for the season, in a teeny tiny stone house. There’s Mary in her traditional blue, and Joseph in brown, and the baby laid in the manger. He’s so small he’s more of a suggestion in white enamel than an actual shape.


On the reverse there are three completely incongruous Gothic windows. No stained glass, though. There must be a mighty draft blowing through the teeny tiny stone house!

This charm is like a miniature 3-D Christmas card. Consider it my greeting to you, on this the fifth of the twelve days of the feast of Christmas. May your last week of Christmas be outsized with feasting and joy!

Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #14

“Sing, choirs of angels!”


Three more sterling silver charms that haven’t made it onto my charm bracelet yet.

The choirboys are marked “Wells.” The singing angel has a mark I can’t make out. The Madonna and child is marked simply “sterling.”


Clever “lace” the choirboys are wearing! And golly, is it just me, or does that dark-haired boy look like Eddie Munster?