Update on the Underwood No. 3


I spent an hour buffing up the amazing Underwood No. 3 typewriter I found at the thrift shop.

It was so dusty, it looked like it spent the last fifty years under a haystack in a barn.

I got the worst of it off and left some dust for its new owner to sweep away.

Want to see some close-ups?

Of course you do!

Barn find: An Underwood No. 3!


I stopped by the thrift shop yesterday afternoon to drop off a few things.

And to take a look around, of course.

The shop was so busy that there wasn’t a single parking spot in their lot, or even on the street out front. I ended up parking a block away.

I’d never seen this shop so busy. So I didn’t expect to find anything good.

But then, after I’d had to “excuse me” and “pardon me” all the way through the shop, I finally saw something awesome in the narrowest aisle. On the floor.

A diamond in the rough. Very, very rough.

A diamond in the rough. Very, very rough. It’s sitting on a vintage steel typewriter table that belongs to Janeray.

An Underwood No. 3 typewriter!

-That’s not all!>