What’s bigger than a breadbox?

What’s a bigger find than this fantastic, bright orange Ransburg breadbox?

Bright orange Ransburg breadbox with jadeite accents.

Would you believe. . . click to see!

It’s getting steamy around here

Do you ever get stuck on a project because you can’t do it “right”? No? Well then you’re way more adjusted than I am.


Most of the Christmas tablecloths have gone to storage, but now I’m stuck looking at the mess I’ve made. Ugh.

I’ve had piles and heaps of tablecloths sitting in my dining room for a few weeks now. (Yes, I am the house slob. ManRay never makes messes like this in the house. His tragedies are confined to his garage.)

I sorted through most of my tablecloths before heading to Sage Farm’s show the first week of April. (“Most” because I found another tote stuffed with tablecloths in storage this morning.) And there they sat. And sat. And then…

Flea or thrift? Flea or thrift? Don’t make me choose!


Loved the color on this ladder (which I didn’t buy). I think I’ll steal the idea, though.

Yesterday ManRay and I did a marathon of shopping starting at the Golden Nugget Flea Market in Lambertville NJ. I haven’t been there since last summer and was surprised by how much the market has changed. At one time it was considered the preeminent antiques market on the East Coast.

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What’s your resolution?


Two thousand fourteen, here we come!

I’ve made some vintage resolutions already.

This year I’m only going to buy vintage stuff that I absolutely, absolutely love, even if I plan to sell it. Eventually.

This year I’m going to organize my vintage stock really well, now that all the contractors are done making lotsa messes in my storage spaces.

This year I’m going to knit some goofy things from vintage patterns, just for the fun of it.

This year I’m going to take Janeray’s advice and not pass over those pretty plates just because they’re orphans.

This year I’m going to be more fearless with color. And this year I’m going to finish painting Lurayville!

What are your resolutions?

Not a creature was stirring…

Not even this Annalee Mobilitee Christmas mouse from 1965.


I think he originally had a Santa hat and held something. A Santa sack? A sign that read “Merry Christmas?” Read the rest of this entry »