Month of Makeovers Day 13, A record breaking experiment

braceletteaserHave you ever tried something just to see if it would work? I wanted to see if I could make beads or charms out of an old vinyl record album. Pinterest shows lots of impressive precision cut vinyl. Unfortunately, I don’t happen to have a handy dandy laser cutter in my workshop. I don’t even have a workshop! What I DO have is a kitchen sink.

Making vinyl record charms in my sink was a lot easier than I expected. Don’t worry! No fantastic, classic albums were harmed during this makeover!

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Month of Makeovers Day 7: Curvy, chrome-y, Cosco love!

Meet the cute vintage bath stool I picked up at September’s Vintage Bazaar. ┬áIt’s chrome! It’s curvy!


It’s Cosco! Yay!


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