This is my house . . .


This is what’s over my kitchen range, smack in the center of the house. Hard to miss, that is.

I found this plate a long time ago. It was already broken and mended by a previous owner who perhaps loved the sentiment as much as I do.

You can find these plates pretty easily. Janeray has one at This Old Row House, too, with a much cuter design than mine. (Post a picture, Jane!) The saying must have been popular in the ’50s and ’60s, maybe as a way to shrug off your sink full of dirty dishes or your piles of unfolded laundry or your neatnik mother-in-law’s raised eyebrows.

For me, though, this plate is a sassy retort to all the lifestyle “experts” out there. Why do they get to say which colors are hot this season, what clothes are in style, what projects are worth making? I don’t know those people and they don’t know me. Why should their opinions carry so much as the weight of a raisin in MY house?

They say pale neutrals are fashionable. I paint my rooms sunny yellow and deep green and hot peach. This is my house, I’ll do as I darn please.

They say the “in” color is emerald. I’m wearing my favorite pale aqua cardigan, with battered jeans and a vintage Vera scarf. This is my house, I’ll do as I darn please.

They say vintage china should be perfect, or don’t bother buying it. I’m totally keeping that broken-and-mended plate over my stove. This is my house, I’ll do as I darn please!

What are you doing at your house to proclaim your independence from other people’s taste?

Placesettings: birthday dinner!

Somebody at Lurayville turned 15 last week! But because of tech week and performances for a theater production she’s in, we didn’t get to properly celebrate the occasion till the weekend.

And because of all the theater hoopla, we kept it low-key.

I pulled out a big vintage tablecloth, one of the few I own that fits my table with both its leaves in. It’s a heavy cotton strewn with flowers. A celebration all by itself!


I pulled out a stack of azurite-blue Russel Wright “Iroquois” plates. It’s the only RW I own. Love the sculptural modern style!

I pulled out some yellow napkins. Not vintage. But . . . yellow! Yellow is a happy color.

Flatware is our everyday Reed & Barton, glassware is the French Duralit we got for wedding presents long ago.


Add some beeswax candles in a pair of vintage handmade aluminum candlesticks, plus some amazing foil flowers that Janeray gave me, in a vintage blue ceramic vase. We’re ready for cake!


(Just don’t look at the renovation-ravaged kitchen in the background. Ugh!)

Happy 15th birthday, Scooter!