Obies, the fabric hoarding store of your dreams

Goodville, Pennsylvania is just a blip of a town. You drive through it before you realize you even arrived. Its biggest claim to fame is the legendary hoard of quilting fabric in Obies Country Store, an unassuming clapboard house with a 1960s sign over the porch.

A friend and I went fabric shopping there last week, like going to Fabric Mecca on Holiday. I was overwhelmed just by stepping inside. This is extreme hoarding without the bad smells or squashed cats.

obies fabric hoard

Come on in!  This is what you see when you open the door. Be brave! Keep going!

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How I made a four-year-old happy with vintage sheet scraps

Several months ago I was delighted to get a gift from Amanda at Vintage Sheet Addict. She sent me a stack of beautiful vintage sheet pieces after I’d made a comment on one of her Instagram photos. (Check out her blog to see what she did with the same fabrics!)

vintage sheets from Adabea

Fat quarters of lovely vintage sheets. So 70s! Aren’t they just wonderful together?

I knew right away I’d want to do something special with them. Then one afternoon while the grandkids were jumping around the house an idea suddenly clicked: I’d make a dress for my four-year-old granddaughter. Click here to see more!

Simple embroidery? It’s just ducky for beginners.

Janeray’s wonderful day-of-the-week dishtowels reminded me that I’ve got some darling vintage embroidery pieces in my stash that are bound for September’s Vintage Bazaar.

I think all of them are easy enough for even a beginning stitcher to enjoy making.

Like this sweet cotton towel with a little Dutch washerwoman. Isn’t her flowered skirt adorable?

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Spring cleaning in Easter-egg plaid

Apron is modeled by a vintage Acme adjustable dress form, size Junior. I haven't been that size since I was eleven.

Apron is modeled by a vintage Acme adjustable dress form, size Junior. I haven’t been that size since I was eleven.

Some of these spring days are a little dreary. April showers, you know? But chores still have to be done.

This vintage (1960s? 1970s?) apron cheers me right up. Cinderella would have loved it.

It’s bluebird-approved! Here’s why.

A garden bed you can bring indoors. No watering needed!


I snapped up this thrifting score a couple weeks ago, on a day that snowed!

It’s a handmade twin-size tied quilt straight from the last of the ’60s or the early ’70s, to judge from the fabric and the print.


The six big pattern blocks are bold! The piecing pattern—interlocking rectangles with a few little square pieces to add interest—looks like a version of Log Cabin. (I’m no quilt pattern expert, so if you know the real name please say so!)

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